PanicCam Master Personal Security and Safety app for iPhone and Android

PanicCam Master

PanicCam Master is our most comprehensive personal security and safety app. If you see something worrying developing or happening activate your PanicCam. The app immediately emails your notification list with a Google Map link to your location and loads your camera. Take a picture or video and another email is sent updating your location and sending a link to the image. All ‘evidence’ is automatically uploaded to our secure servers.

PanicCam Master Features …

  • Take photos, video or record audio and have them uploaded automatically to out secure web server. So they can be viewed by your family and/ or friends. As soon as you start up the camera or record audio an email notification is sent to your family of friends letting them know your location and that you are using PanicCam.
  • Silent tracking – discreetly record your journey enabling your family and/or friends to know exactly where you are.
  • View tracks – view family or friends locations so you know where they are.
  • Touchbase – Send predefined text alerts to your family or friends, letting them know you are OK or need help. Included in the text message is a link to your location on a map. The predefined text are configurable enabling you set them up to your requirements.
  • Ideal for lone workers, where the Inactivity warning prompts you to check in every few hour, failure to checkin on time will result in an alert (which has a link to your location) being sent to your family and friends. Destination zones can be used to email notification to family and friends when you arrive at work.

Website Features …

  • Updates to the secure database can be viewed by family or friends in real time allowing them to follow you.
  • Destination zones – set up destination zones so your family or friends can be informed when you have arrived at your destination.
  • If things turn bad then the information is available to the Police to help resolve the problem swiftly.
  • Providing the Police with local real-time intelligence.

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