Touchbase Personal Security and Safety app for iPhone and Android

TouchBase from PanicCam

TouchBase is our latest app. It is primarily aimed at families with teenage children. Parents want to know the kids are safe and the kids don’t want parents embarrasing them by calling all the time! Simple, just touch base. The app enables the user to quickly and easily send selected pre-configured text messages which include a link showing where they are on Google Maps. Just ask your kids to regularly TouchBase and you can relax.

The screenshot shows the Touchbase SMS screen. All text on the buttons are user configurable to send the message that you want to send and all messages are automatically location stamped.

The simple and rapid interface enables the user to keep in touch and sends you a text with a location link so that you can instantly see where they are on Google maps. Instant reassurance.

Want to know where the kids are? Just ask them to Touchbase.

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